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Buying a Home in Augusta and Charleston

Making your dream home a reality should be a collaborative process. The expert team at Southeastern is committed to guiding you through every step of the way and making the journey fun and easy.

We are dedicated to making your experience with Southeastern as seamless as possible.
We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Latest Technology

Our agents have access to the latest technology putting thousands of properties at their fingertips

In-Depth Knowledge

Our agents are in the market every day and have in-depth knowledge of the local inventory of lots and homes

Builder Relationships

Our extensive builder relationships can help you with pricing a new home, estimating repairs or value engineering an addition to an existing home

Here to Serve You

Southeastern Residential has become one of Augusta’s fastest-growing residential brokerage firms by providing exceptional customer service – not just during the transaction, but after it as well.
Long after the boxes are unpacked, after your new routine is established, after Augusta feels like home, Southeastern Residential will be there for you.

At Southeastern Residential, we know from experience that success is not made one deal at a time, but rather one client at a time, and we’re always honored to serve.

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